Episode 8 Douglas Myrick-AromaNetix

Today on our show we are hosting Douglas Myrick.

Did you know that smell activates your brain’s memory center, the amygdala?

I didn’t. Until I spoke with Douglas Myrick and he explained to me how this information has changed his life and countless others.

Tune in for more.

DouglasIn 2005 I returned to college to complete a degree along the pre-chiropractic track, ultimately earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Science Education. Along the way, I discovered the missing link in rapid, long-lasting self-help. Since then I have devoted my life to serving others through sharing this remarkable approach to personal liberation and self-healing.

I am an author, personal coach, and AromaNetix provider.

My website is AromaNetix.ORG where I offer free AromaNetix information and courses.”