Hi, my name is Alissa Taglione. I am a life coach. It is my calling, my purpose.

I believe in kindness, to ourselves and others.

I believe our pain can serve a purpose.

I believe in deep connections in relationships.

I also believe that we are in charge of our lives 100%.

By being intentional with our visions for our lives and families, by setting goals and getting clear on what in unnecessary and extraneous in our day to day we come closer to happiness.

We come closer to living with less stress, more productivity and more of our best lives.

Less “I don’t know” and more “it’s happening”.

Everyone on this planet deserves to have a good life. A life that they create, not others. Everyone is worthy of happiness and well-being. You are worthy of all of your goals and your aspirations, and your dreams. But there is work involved, and that’s what I’m here for.

I have been studying coaching and have been a student of coaching for over 4 years. I believe that coaching is the next step in our evolution. We have a prefrontal cortex, and we can train ourselves to react less and create more. We can decide how we want to feel. We can allow and disallow all that comes to us. And I want to help.

I want to help you determine your vision.

I want to help you set a plan in action.

And I want to help you be proud of who you are, what you accomplish and what that creates in your life.

You get to do it.

You get to have fun doing it.

You get to be the captain of the ship.

Now let’s create a map.

Contact me for one-on-one coaching opportunities.