Spiritual Beliefs

My personal journey of spirituality is probably one that will resonate with a lot of women my age. We have all started working with aromatherapy, crystals, and meditation is so normal now. My spiritual journey has been a series of unfolding, with my apprehension for the lutheran church I grew up, my issues with the beliefs of traditional christianity and the lack of acceptance specifically of the LGBT community. I have always felt and known a God presence, and I feel it on a regular basis. I also believe in Jesus, as a teacher and a spiritual entity. I believe in the Buddha and buddhist teachings I believe in the cohesion of the spiritual experienced translated as a religion.

The biggest turning point in my spiritual journey was the late Dr. Wayne Dyer. Recently I have been re-reading a lot of his books and his wisdom still rings so true to me.

I was laying in bed after a severe accident, I was finally home, but couldn’t work. We were so broke, everything felt like it had been destroyed and the hope for reconstruction felt slim and so difficult. I am an avid supporter and consumer of PBS programming and Wayne Dyer’s special came on. I can’t remember which one it was, but it spoke to me in a deeply, profound way.

He spoke about the soul in a temporary body, the evolution of the soul over time. That life was full of lessons and fulfilling our own Dharma. All things I had been interested in but was afraid to explore. He spoke about synchronous experiences, for example series of specific events leading to a specific outcome that seemed orchestrated from somewhere else. During my recovery this spoke to me the most.

I had animals coming to my back door and pawing at the window. The day of my car accident I had a snake cross my path, in a place where I had never seen a snake cross before. I have had several other animal interactions but it seemed like nature was speaking to me. I was listening. I began searching and ended up working with Heidi Howes, a shamanic practitioner in Columbus, Ohio. Another part of my healing journey began and I started to feel intuitive aspects of my person that I had never experienced before.

Reiki was particularly helpful because after my accident I had children back to back, and the second pregnancy was twins! I love my children but 3 boys in two years is a lot of work, and a lot of hardship. In this time I turned to God and prayed often. I was battling the difficulty of the responsibility I had been so beautifully gifted with, and my own inner demons at the same time. To say I lost my mind a little would be an understatement of the truth. But I made it through with the help of my spiritual connection to God. I looked for signs all around me, praying when things were hard, and knowing that this all has a purpose gave me a framework for survival in a difficult time.

I don’t know what my readers believe, and I don’t often share my own beliefs, but I can say that they have been important to me. Spending time in nature is meditative and feels like prayer to me. Reading a learning about spiritual guidance can teach me just as much as church on Sunday morning.

No matter where your journey takes you, if you are going through trauma and hardship keep going. There are great resources for free to look in to how the universe supports us all. Whether you believe in a god-figure or not I have no judgement or belief that anyone should believe anything else. But it’s such a beautiful part of my life on a day to day basis. It has buoyed me through the storms in my life and pointed me through the dark.

Have a great week,



Dr. Wayne Dyer: If You Believe It You Will See It

Abraham Hicks

Pema Chodron

Deepak Chopra

Louise Hay

Heidi Howes

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