Next Steps

Balancing work and full-time caregiving is no joke.

I was in such a flow state for most of this year publishing blog posts regularly, building products, working with clients and having my young children out of school has really shaken things up.

This summer we spent time with my Mom at our families’ vacation home in South Carolina. I really had some time to reflect on this year and all that I had accomplished and all that I could accomplish going forward.

The most important thing I really took away from this trip is that reflection, pause, and taking breaks are absolutely crucial.

For the first time since my children were born, I really feel like I have a clear sense of purpose and focus. I feel like I can accomplish those things, (which is an even bigger deal, and one that I will talk more about soon). I know who I am, where I’m going, and for the first time, I think I know how to balance.

Taking time to reassess your life, reflect on your accomplishments, grieve your losses and take a clear look into your future is beyond important, it is critical.

Feeling like you’re on a hamster wheel?

Analyze what’s working and what’s not.

You set the destinations, you create the map and rework it if you need to.

Give yourself grace and compassion where you need it.

Recognize the value and energetic output required for the activities in your life, even when society doesn’t! Moms I’m talking to you

Not sure on where to go next?

Spend time getting to know yourself better. Explore ideas that inspire you.

It’s ok to change course, it’s ok to stay on, it’s ok to use your one, beautiful life however you’d like.

If this is a place where you are feeling particularly stuck, sign up for a 30-minute free coaching session with me and let’s see if we can move that goal post forward.


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