Hello Monday!

Today is Monday

Often dreaded and shunned, our friend Monday has arrived.

But this is no ordinary Monday.

This is today.

This is the day that you decide what the rest of your week/month/year/life is going to look like.

This is the day that you are going to turn off Netflix and actually allow yourself to think in a quiet space about what YOU want and how you are going to get there.

This is the Monday of all Mondays because you are going to decide exactly how you want to feel. You are going to decide the actions that need to take place for you to feel your best and go forth feeling prepared, in-control, balanced, awake, in love, at peace and present.

And you are going to let go of distractions. And negative coping mechanisms.

You are going to let yourself feel all the emotions and thoughts that you have and not shove them down.

You are going to allow your truest, most loving self come out and play.

Let that little light say hello to a stranger.

Let that little light smile beautifully at someone in the grocery store.

You are going to be an environment of positivity, productivity and humanity.

You are going to be the change.

Get out and  light it up

Happy Monday!

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