Starting Fresh

When I decided to change my life I really had to cope with the person I was.

I had to see myself right where I was, and why I was there.

Why was I so angry?

Why was I so closed off?

Why wasn’t I successful?

Why was I so behind?

I believed that there was something uniquely and inherently wrong with me, that could not be fixed, and should not be told to anyone.

As I began to do my work and continue to do my work I have to constantly remind myself that the negative experiences in my life and the negative aspects of myself do not define me.

It is crucial that I meet myself in the here and now so that I can continue to build the future me.

It is critical because it allows your brain to start thinking and believing in possibility.

Achievement comes from trying, trying comes from believing you can.

If you have already decided you can’t, your fate is sealed.

So today, just like every other day, I remind to start fresh.

Start a fresh new week, with new opportunities to connect with people, create what I love and nurture my family.

That the mistakes I have committed in the past were lessons and guidance for something better.

And most importantly, that this is a journey. A beautiful one.

With new starting points every minute, day, hour, and year.


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