Not quite ripe yet

I believe we should push as we feel inspired, tend to our responsibilities, be who we are meant to be in the world.

There is a feeling I have when working with concepts, ideas and things and I can tell that they aren’t quite ripe yet.

If you have children and have tried to teach them things before they are ready it’s like looking a green banana. You know it’s coming, but it’s not quite there yet.

Sometimes when I begin to compare my life to others and start believing I’m not doing things the right way or that I’m not on the right path because I’ve never seen it before,

I have to remember, that my time is coming, but I’m not quite ripe yet.

There is still tilling and weeding to do. There is still watering and sunning for growth.

So I try to stay in the now.

Where I can hold myself gently and grow like you would a small animal, quietly cheering it on.

Taking the next best step.

Remembering to the core who I am.

Staying in love.

And knowing as I nurture myself, my dreams, my family, my everything, I’m moving the dial one step closer.

And that waiting will make it all worth it.

Have patience with yourself, your life and your dreams.

Let things grow with gentleness.

Nurture what matters and cut away what takes away your joy.

One day you’ll wake up to all that you strive for, as long as you have the patience for ripeness.

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