What I know about Motherhood

it’s mother’s day weekend, and I take this shit seriously.

It is a time to honor our own mother, for some our motherhood. It is a time to grieve the mother’s we have lost, it is a time to long to be one.

What I know about being a mother is that it is a position of responsibility like no other. It is an opportunity to nurture and mold and pour love into a child.

It is an opportunity to teach, to create, to expand.

And it is the hardest thing in the entire world.

It brings up everything we have known until this point. It highlights our faults, our brokenness. It regurgitates pain from our past and sticks it right in our face until we deal with it or stuff it down.

It is an opportunity to create a life experience for another.

My favorite part of being a mother is creating the experience. A home full of flowers. Setting the table at night. Spending time in nature with my children. Reading with them, helping them with artwork.

As we honor our role as women in the world, who nurture and create and nourish, perfection isn’t what we need to strive for.

Our children won’t learn from countless efforts to appear one way or another. But they will learn from our humanness, our brokenness, and our ability to get back up when things are hard.

Our children will learn from how we handle the hard things. Teach them how to be resilient, how to be remorseful, how to be alive and thriving, how to grow as a person and how to be in the world.

Model humanity, compassion, and grace. Model empathy and understanding.

Model honoring nature and the world

Model honoring social justice and all the humans.

I hope this day brings forth great love, whether it be in the form of joy or heartbreak.

I hope you honor where you are and what you have “birthed” into the world whether it’s a child or a business or art or writing or a movement. Women create. It’s what we do.

Happy Mother’s Day.

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