I have a dirty little, sage-scented, crystal ordained secret.

I am about as woo as it comes. I’m deep in it.

Shamanism, meditation, reiki-healing and reviving the divine feminine within me has been just as much a part of my reemergence and recovery from PTSD as anything else.

And I hide it!


Because I believe deeply in science, I believe in ROI and my clients getting results.

I believe in proven results because I think that’s what people want. And they do. In most cases.

However, I have been dealing with a disconnect, from my work, and with my readership and it’s because I’m not being totally authentic.

So here I am.

I have 5 different oracle/tarot decks on my phone that I use multiple times a day.

I have psychic dreams.

I pay attention to astrology like it’s the weather forecast.

But not to predict the future, but to help navigate personal growth.

I follow the Kaypacha Report on youtube every single week to work with humanistic astrology and how it can be used to evolve into our highest potential selves.

I have had deep and profound healing through these modalities. They have served me well, and keep me close to God. They help me see the big picture when I feel bogged down in the day today. It helps me find perspective and hope. It helps me keep my priorities in order.

I personally believe that our purpose here on Earth is to evolve and create. This is the way I evolve. Through coaching, spirituality and going to work on it every single day.

It feels good to get my weirdness out there. I can’t tell you how freeing it will be to operate in a less rigid and open forum.

Let your sagey-crystal freak flag fly.

Cheers to authentic living ❤





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