I have never been more responsible for my energy, as well as the energy of my children.

I have to take note of when they are too tired, burned out, bored, frustrated and anxious.

I have to do the same with myself.

This weekend we went off the grid.

We went to my favorite childhood cabin camping resort, Lake Hope.

We went fishing, we did nothing, we ate delicious food, we couldn’t use any of our devices.

It was an inexpensive and dreamy weekend trip.
Being outside with the kids and my husband without outside distraction is exactly what we needed.

Because when you have a family you have to heal the whole.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, burned out, out of gas, what are some ways you can refuel?

What nourishes your mind and body?

What heals the whole of you and those you care for?

Take some time to think about it and journal, because the best time to think of ways to do this, is when you’re not already burned out. And if you already are, make this a priority.

You can do this on a larger or smaller scale, and in a way that aligns with what soothes you.

Take good care of yourself, because you deserve it and your happiness and well-being is your responsibility.

Have a great Monday,


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