Sustained Effort

I have been working consistently since January.
I show up almost every day and put an effort into my business.
I take massive action to create results.

I am motivated by the results I’m seeing and the connections I’m creating.

I am motivated because I believe my work will change lives.

I am motivated because I am doing this for a reason bigger than myself.

I make a consistent effort when I’m too tired.
I learn from my mistakes.

Life requires grit.
Anything worth working for requires sacrifice and consistent energy.

How do you keep going?
What are you working on that’s difficult but you keep getting up and doing it anyway?

This Thursday for Facebook Live I will be doing a Q&A on how to get through the misery and on to the other side of achievement by managing our minds.

Please send in any questions or comment below to have them answered Live on Thursday at 10AM.

Happy Monday! Keep grinding, keep getting up and going.
I promise it is worth it.

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