Spring: Birth of New Ideas

How appropriate for spring?

The forsythia has finally bloomed. My hyacinths are exploding in beautiful blue hues. The rain is pouring and the green moss and forest floor greenery are awakening. This is my most powerful and creative season. I am more dedicated to my work and myself, I am more productive. I am vivaciously alive.

I believe we should harness the power around us to do the same. To pull in inspiration and exhale our new creations. All of the mind stirrings and thinking and deep inner work we’ve done over winter has given way to substance.

As you bloom anew so do your plans.

What are you working on? What do you want to see happen in this next year? What plans have you laid down and how can you create them?

Give yourself some time this week to have coffee and watch the rain. Give yourself some space to write down your heart’s longings. Create space for you and all that you are capable of in this season of newness and reawakening.

I can’t wait to see you bloom.

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