3 Ways to Find Fulfillment


It’s what we are all seeking, right?

To wake up and live on purpose.

To show up and do the work that we were meant to do in the world.

People spend years seeking it.

Fulfillment, purpose, passion, all can feel unobtainable.

So how do we find fulfillment now? In where we are?

1. Gratitude: When we are truly grateful for what we have we can find fulfillment in our accomplishments, our small wins, even smiling at a neighbor in the morning. Feeling grateful for what we have and where we are and how we play a role in our lives is a key component in feeling a sense of fulfillment.

2. Be a part of something bigger: Self-help can be a selfish practice and if left unchecked can become narcissistic. It’s important to have goals and push ourselves in a certain direction. But if we are completely focused on what “I need”, “I should”, and we aren’t getting those results, chances are we are going to become a little self-obsessed. Putting those goals to work outside of ourselves allows us to co-create with others, share our skills, learn new ones and grow as people within a community, rather than within our own neuroticism.

3. Decide: This is the most important part. The only way you are going to find meaning, purpose or fulfillment is to decide what that is and do it. Inspiration will find and carry you. Analyzing your strengths and values will help you define it and then you DECIDE. There isn’t a magic answer. But there is a feeling of resonance, a feeling of being in alignment with what we are doing and then continuing to build.

So much healing can come from being a fulfilled person, you are less likely to seek fulfillment from things, other people, or distraction. You know where you’re going and what to do. You show up in the world strong and determined.

If you would like to gain more clarity in your purpose so that you can really give your time and energy towards a fulfilling life, book a free mini-session with me here: https://calendly.com/vivant-coaching/mini-session

Can’t wait to connect.

In service,

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