Making it happen, when you can hardly stop hitting the snooze button

I love spring. I do.
It’s magical. I spend a lot of time outside.
I like to work on my garden and on my business and all those fun things.

But I am tired.
The time change on the east coast has me by the hair and I am dragging.
My kids have to be peeled out of bed for school, and I would just rather let them sleep.

I would rather sleep.
Should I just let them sleep?

This is the 10 minute mental battle I have had every day this week.

But here is the reality. It’s not all supposed to be good all the time.
You are not going to bounce out of bed to take on the world on the regular.

This is what separates successful people.

Sometimes, you have to show up for your life.
Sometimes, you have to put a 25 minute pomodoro on and just sit there until you get going.
Sometimes, you have to suffer just a little bit to get what you want.

Long term results require short term sacrifice. I don’t think this takes away from ease and flow, I think it helps create it.

Spending time investing in your work even when you’re tired on a consistent basis, allows things to flow more easily.

Here’s the reality.

My life is chaos. 24/7.

I have two hours Monday-Thursday and 4 hours on Friday to focus wholly and completely on my business.

Not comfortable. Not spacious.

But i’m dedicated. And sometimes I have to remember to get up and make the sacrifice now.

My kids won’t suffer unnecessarily by waking them up to go to school.

Life isn’t supposed to be 100% great. Y

ou are going to wake up tired, you are going to want to go back to bed, but there are things to do!

I have to recalibrate to get back to a state of flow and pull myself up in order to get back to it. My kids have to do the same. Short term investment, long term result.

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