Loving Yourself

This is my favorite holiday by far.

I went to the grocery store this morning and swelled with joy watching 80-year-old men carry bouquets to the ones they love.

Last night I made cupcakes with my kids for school and we filled out their valentine’s for their mailboxes.

I love love.

But how do we show ourselves, love?


How do we connect with who we are and appreciate the beauty of ourselves like someone outside of yourself might do?

What does it take to look at all that you consider broken and in need of fixing, and weighing yourself against the cultural norm and loving yourself in spite of it?

Because I promise once you love yourself it’s on.

Once you recognize your worth and value, no one can get in your way.

You see deception coming and you block it because you know what you are and what you will and will not tolerate.

You know what you deserve in a relationship.

You know what is right from wrong because you get who you are in this world and you stand firmly in that position.

Steady. Confident.

So as we see flowers being passed around and that tinge of envy comes up:

“why didn’t I receive ____”

“why am I not loved enough to ____”

Knock it off.

The love and adoration you seek will never be found in others in a way that truly fulfills you.

That love comes from you.

You are 100% loveable, the affection of others is rooted in another’s person capability to love, not your lovability.

So quit staring at Karen’s flowers and go out and buy yourself lunch, and flowers, and something that makes you feel happy and beautiful.

Write down all the things that make you amazing and fabulous and an asset to this planet.

Put them on your mirror and look at them everyday. Never forget how worthy of love you are, and never stop loving yourself unconditionally. Even though we are fed a lie that says we can never be enough. You already are enough.

So Happy Valentine’s Day. I love you. All of you.


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