Do you struggle with anxiety?
I do.

I worry about almost everything.
It is a challenge each morning and each day.

I really have to manage my mind about it.

When I drive I’m worried about being pulled over or being in an accident.

When my husband is out of town I’m worried that something will happen to him.

When my kids are doing LITERALLY anything, there is a sense of fear.

There is something I’ve come to realize while trying to manage my anxiety.

I can really look at the way my brain is working and say no to some of these anxiety-inducing thoughts. I can decide whether or not these thoughts are legitimate or grounded in reality.

I can say “I’m making this up”.

There is another side to this. Things change always. Change is the only guarantee we have on this planet. Things can and do happen.

So after I’m done working on my mindset. I start working on mindfulness. Being in the present moment is all that we have and ever will. The past is gone, the future does not yet exist. We can choose happiness and mindfulness now.


There is another really wonderful breathing technique that a man taught to me at the Reiki Center in Columbus, Ohio. We were sitting in the waiting room. As I was sitting next to him, I looked at him and said, “you are quite literally the calmest person I’ve ever sat next to.”

He proceeded to teach me a breathing technique.

Breathe in and out and count 1 on the out breath.
Repeat until you have hit 10.
Do this three times.

If your mind wanders you will go past 10.

After doing this successfully. I am able to be more present. My central nervous system is calmed completely because I have reset my breathing. It is beyond helpful.

How do you deal with anxiety?

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