Sunday Intentions

10172591_10201915535306180_4504721826271140143_n.jpgThis week is a really significant week for me.

It is my children’s birthday.

They all have the same birthday. My twins were born at 29 weeks and arrived the day of their brother’s first birthday. February 6th.

This is a pretty spectacular day.

My children have been extremely resilient, and loving and wonderful. Even when the adult stuff wasn’t so wonderful. Making sure we had enough money, my husband starting his own business, and me making the decision to stay home.


But my children are thriving. At school, their teachers pour into them with love and nurturing words. They are so smart and capable.

So on Tuesday, it will be the day that I became a mother of three within one year. I have learned so much from them. I have become a better, more substantial person because of them. They fill me with love and joy, and when I visualize joy, I see my boys running towards me for knockdown hugs and kisses.


So this week I will revel in the beauty and the hardship that has been my journey to motherhood. I will allow my feelings with compassion. I will hold space for the enormity of my role in their lives. I will honor the hard work I’ve done to show up for them. I will honor their beautiful journeys so far, and dream of what’s to come for them.

I love you Liam, Christopher, and Dominic. ❤

Thank you for taking time to read this very personal post.

What are your intentions this week?


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