Unstoppable Women: Brooke Castillo

Brooke Castillo is my hero.

She is professional, knowledgeable, accomplished, and a business genius.

Did I mention she’s a life coach?

She started a podcast in 2014 called The Life Coach School with Brooke Castillo. I listened and I was hooked. She taught me how to step into what she calls “Emotional Adulthood” where we don’t blame others for our feelings, but we instead take radical responsibility and set appropriate boundaries. She taught me about the model, which is a formulaic approach to figuring out your mindset and how it is directly correlating with the results in your life. It changed me as a person. I have lost weight, I have become a better coach and a better parent. I have started to let go of resentment of others, and I have created closer connections with people I love.

I love Brooke because she believes in her work, and she goes all in. In the last three years, she has doubled her income. She is building a school in Texas. She lives her dreams and makes them a reality and brings us all along for the ride.

I took her Self-Coaching Scholars course last year and I lost 40lbs, I stopped over-drinking and I am building my business from a new perspective I wouldn’t have had without her.

She is unapologetic about her financial success. She believes her work serves the world and will help us all evolve to the next level. She is brilliant and I am thankful for the empowerment she provides women and men financially, emotionally and otherwise.

Alissa Taglione

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