Sunday Intentions

It’s 6:30AM.

All of my little boys are asleep, my husband is out of town on a work trip and I’m sitting in my pajamas in front of the fireplace with my coffee. This is where the magic happens.

I’ve already planned all of my blog posts and content for the month and have things in the works, but on Sundays, I’ve decided to take an organic approach and write some of my intentions for my week. I want to put my wantings out into the ether and be in the space of possibility. Especially on Sunday.

My intentions for this week are:

Show reverence for my children, honor their little wiggles and struggles and help them through their hardships. 

Take great care of my body through exercise, meditation, and healthy, healthy food.

Continue to pour my soul into my work and hold a space of trust and honesty with my clients.

Be radically responsible for my emotional energy this week.

To be a source of joy, stability, and strength.

To kick back a little and go play centipede and drink beer with a new friend.

To smile at strangers and connect with nature.

To be a little nicer to me.

I hope you all have a beautiful week. I would love to hear what your Sunday Intentions are for your week. When you get in the car Monday to head off to wherever your beautiful lives take you, remember to pause, check in with yourself and center inward. From this space, we interact, rather than react.

With Love,




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