Weekend Vibes: Don’t Even Bother Getting Out of Bed; Total Renewal

Have you ever felt like you want to literally lay in bed all weekend and do nothing?

Do it, I dare you.

Here are some tips on how to have a total renewal weekend in bed.

Go to the library or bookstore


Having fun isn’t hard if you have a library card”

Find gorgeous books, novels, poetry, non-fiction, scandalous romance novels. Whatever does it for you and your mind and your respite. Some of my favorites are Pablo Neruda’s poetry collections, new Self-Development books, a good novel, big fat cookbooks, coffee table books from artists like Annie Liebowitz, and interior design books. Fashion too. Get a pile going.

Buy supplies


Purchase good quality tea and coffee, kombucha, and whatever else makes you feel pretty. Wine included. Have a beautiful mug/glass and tray for snacks.

Buy pastries, and ingredients for meals or meals already prepared. Go hit up whole foods. Find things that are aesthetically pleasing and taste amazing and make you feel like you love yourself. Nourishment is essential.

Prepare your space


Get the clutter and trash out of there. Make sure your space, whatever that may look like, is clean and open. Excess clutter will make you pull your sheets over your head rather than help you relax.

Burn a pretty candle, put essential oils in your diffuser. Relax and engage with yourself fully and mindfully.

Get your journal out


When we get quiet we can really tap into our internal dialogue. We can hear the negative thoughts, the garbage, etc. Writing these things down really gives us the opportunity to analyze what the hell our brains are doing. Remember, the internal reflects the external and vice-versa.

Stretching meditations


It’s important to get up and stretch every once and a while. Do so mindfully. Give yourself the time to really feel your body and reconnect.

Sleep, sleep, sleep


The whole point of this is to rest. So get after it!

Get ready to shake the earth on Monday


Fill thy cup and kick ass on Monday. Coming in rested, present and centered is the best gift you can give to the world.

Rest and be full ❤


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