Unstoppable Women: Oprah

I have decided to start putting a spotlight on a truly influential woman once a week. Since her Golden Globes speech on Sunday night and now the rumor of a potential presidential run in 2020, I can not think of anyone more deserving of the title “Fearless Female”.

Oprah Winfrey.

She hardly needs any introduction at all. So I will speak of her as I see her in her present state in our culture: the pure embodiment of the divine feminine.

2017 was difficult. It was heartbreaking. The world validated what we all knew but didn’t say aloud. Our country is still extremely racist, sexist and believes in the subordination of minorities in order to have a class ruling system of white men. The privilege and the devastation have been brutal- as Oprah stated in her speech on Sunday night. As we all posted our #metoos and anti-Trump posts online and spoke out against the inhumane acts of this nation we looked wistfully on for a leader.

On Sunday night she emerged. She stood at the podium, anxious to speak her truth. The crowd stood and some never sat down as she spoke the words into our hearts of hope, a new day, and a new horizon. Those little girls watching will one day see a world where there are no more “Me Toos” and a world that values human life equally. And in this moment, I saw that Oprah has now come into her place in our world and in this time of turmoil, as a leader, as a businesswoman.

When she began her OWN network I felt such a sense of relief. All the content I watched online of substance was all but absent on television aside from documentaries and public television. She brought in the voices who heap tenderness on the hearts of men and women and brought humanity to her channel. Through her shows and characters, she has created a media outlet of depth that I have yet to see in any other facet.

As we see the shift in power taking place away from the old modalities of male dominance and white supremacy we could not be more blessed to have her stand for us. Whether she runs for president or not, this is the leader we have been seeking, this is the voice that will bring healing, and she has the capacity as both a businesswoman and a leader to produce the amount of work it will take to overcome. Thank you, Oprah, for all that you have brought to the world in this lifetime, and may your legacy bless the human race for generations to come.

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