10 Ways to Embrace the Season of Stillness

Winter brings mixed emotions for many living in seasonal climates. I love/hate it with the best of them. The excitement of Christmas helps fuel the positivity for the cold, harsh climate, but once it’s over there is still so much winter.

Here are 5 ways to embrace the cold and dark this year.

1. Hygge (Pronounce hoo-gah)


What kind of human would I be if I didn’t mention this very trendy concept out of Denmark? Hygge is an idea of wintering. In Denmark, the sun comes up around 8:40 in the morning and sets around 3:30. Due to these shortened days, the people of Denmark have come up with some ways to indulge in the season.

Slow Down and Watch Life Unfold: 

Take time to sit with loved ones, to watch people at the coffee shop as they interact. To watch the sun come up in the morning and the house fills with light and to close the blinds as night returns. Watch the day unfold through your schedule and be present with the everyday.

Bring in Warmth

Candles, blankets, a warm pot of soup on the stove or in your crock pot, fireplace roaring. Find ways to cozy up your space. You are going to be inside for most of the winter, make it beautiful, make it welcoming, make it yours.

Induldge Your Senses:

Wrap yourself in warm luxurious fabrics. Put essential oils in your diffuser. Create a place of warmth around your body, and in your home.

2. Eat Clean, Beautiful Food


Winter is notorious for weight gain. The holidays bring us to the brink of overindulgence and we are left to fret over it as a New Year’s Resolution through January. It is possible to be cold and still eat well. Stews, broths and roasted vegetables fill us and warm us and bring important nutrition to our bodies in the cold winter months.

3. Write


Allow your inner self to come forward. Journal and let your mind breathe. The fast pace of spring and summer will be here soon and to go within isn’t as easy when you are in full on-go mode. Take this time to hear what your soul is longing for, what changes you are needing to make as things begin to warm up, what parts of you need love.

4. Develop your spiritual practice


You know what a good thing to do is when it’s cold and dark outside? Meditate, pray, journal, connect with source. Whether or not you find solace in religious practice belongs to you and you only. But for those who resonate with the divine, this is a perfect time to connect and draw closer.

5. Warm your Bones


Go swim laps, get in a hot tub, go to the steam room, do a hot yoga class. Get those bones warmed all the way through. Get your blood pumping in someway shape or form.

Take good care of yourself, you are so worth it.




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