Honoring the Journey

I am a coach.


I’m going to share space with men and women to accomplish their goals and help them break through and reframe their indoctrinated beliefs and fundamental yet subtle aggressions towards themselves.


Not fitting the mold is a temporary circumstance

Until you allow yourself to walk away, to change the scenery, to find the other standard.


We are trapped in disillusion. Beliefs that not only hold us down but hurt us on a fundamental level. 


I think that’s what i’m realizing about coaching. It’s not telling people what to do, or change their lives or change and fix themselves. But to heal, to see themselves for who they are. To be a mirror for self-examination, the facilitator of a newly written narrative in which you heal from the mental constrictions on your success and capabilities and retrieve the parts of you that you’ve neglected. Often desperately working to fix yourself because you believe there is something fundamentally wrong with you.


There is nothing fundamentally wrong with you. You are human, you have experiences and not all of them are good. We have to face the ugly in our suffering, the wretchedness of human existence. We are often left fighting alone to keep going when the world is dark and heavy with sadness. Hopelessness sets in. And in these places we meet are lowest points and the most vast loss of soul self and our wholeness. Our culture demands we win always or else we not only fail but are failures. It seems almost inevitable from our distorted existential, social media networks that no one wants to hear about our pain, vulnerability, or that you screamed in the face of your loved one because you are so angry and broken and lost. This aspect of our human experience has very little space to breathe, and we become isolated pariahs, expanding hardship in to shame.


The obstacle is the path. 


I believe there is a day where we say “enough”. 


I spoke to a woman online today who responded to another coach’s frustration with coaching clients, labeling these individuals as not committed, or unwilling to do the work. She offered a very clear psychologically based explanation that coming to the decision to either change our lives or behavior is a journey in itself. It should be honored, learned from, and become a catalyst for positive change. 


I think that the coaching process is one of self-discovery, renewed agency, becoming our best selves and creating our best lives. To be coached and coach your mind, is to train your mind and thoughts, and that is essentially the next step in our human evolution.


There are very few people who find it helpful and encouraging to create a clear path to the story of their own lives and how it will play out. Those who do have a substantially higher chance of happiness and success compared to those who don’t.


I chose coaching because I want to serve. I want to help those who suffer, in whatever capacity find relief. I want to help people shine. I believe in human capacity and capability with all my heart. I believe in the power of wholeness and the change it can create. I believe in replacing old problems with self chosen new challenges. I believe that we are able to create anything, if we are willing to work on thinking and trust the journey laid before us.


Every problem can be solved. The relief that comes with truth and outside perspective.


It’s a hero’s journey. And that journey includes the climb back up as well as the descent. It should be honored and given space, especially in coaching. While I agree that coaching is forward thinking and we should not delve into the past, it should be honored. Because everything inside of it has brought forth the future.


You are loved.


Good Morning.






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