What does that look like to you?

I see so many variations of community.

Whether your people are online, in-person, faith based, happy hour based you name it. The construct of our community is essential to our well being and sense of self.

Part of the post trauma experience is isolation.

I did this frequently.

I would cling close to people and then shut off for little to no reason, hiding in shame and guilt. Unwilling to let my burden be seen or understood. Letting my pain wallow as tomboy scare others away.

I really didn’t understand what was happening and so I wasn’t really able to vocalize to those I love why I was unavailable or out of reach.

Only in the time since I’ve moved has it become increasingly clear how important community is.

Moving to a new town I have made a much stronger effort to connect to the people in my community.

And there is peace in it.

I am embracing openly those around me, I am being generous with my listening and connection

It changes everything.

We create our own sense of belongings

We build the lives in front of us and hold the presence of our neighbors around us.

And in doing so we eliminate the pungent separation that curses our culture and allow ourselves to be held, to not have to be perfect and put our neighbors at ease with our ease.

Love your neighbors, love yourself ❤️

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