Self Care: Let’s Get Real


In the metaphor of the soil of our lives, nourishing ourselves is absolutely key.

However, there have been a lot of blogs and articles regarding self-care. It usually pertains to women, around the golden demographic of 18-34.

I have 3 children under 5 years old. Self-care is a difficult thing to find time for.

What it comes down to is essentially one thing: prioritizing.

We can’t “make time” it’s a real restraint. Especially for people who are busy.

So I have prioritized a couple of things.



Feeling pretty

As far as movement goes, I try to walk or run in my neighborhood in the mornings before my kids go to school. It allows me to focus my mind for the day. To plan and prioritize as my body moves and I alleviate stress. It also gives me time to catch up on podcasts and connect with nature. It’s not overwhelming, I’m not going to a gym. I’m simply walking.

With nutrition I just focus on eating whole foods, I eat a lot of salad and drink a lot of water. I try not to eat food from a drive thru and cook at home. Thank be to Crock Pots.

Feeling pretty is the best part.

I take time to put makeup on when I can. I have a simple closet with a lot of staples that can be mixed and matched easily. It allows me to feel like my best self.

Going to the spa, getting manicures and pedicures, joining a gym, it’s all fine.

Upgrade as you see fit. But there are simple ways to procure a little “me time” without over doing it. Without adding any real pressure to your life, or overhauling your schedule. Just move, eat like you give a shit about yourself, and give yourself 10 minutes in the morning to feel pretty.

It’s been a game changer.

Looking forward to your thoughts.


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