Fighting For Our Limitations

The bloom series


I was listening to one of my favorite podcast’s the other day Jim Kwik’s Kwik Brain Podcast.

He was talking about fighting for our limitations.

And I stopped for a second because I do this.

I have fought for the lack of time I have as a mother, the lack of energy I have because I need alone time too and stay up too late.

Excuses, I want to keep them, like they are part of my identity.

Rather than break through them, I hold on to them dearly so that I might not be responsible for future success.

Insert what if I fail thought here.

I wasn’t even aware that this is something I do until I heard this terminology of “fighting for our limitations”. And when it came up, I saw an opportunity for solutions, rather than excuses.

I may not have the time I would like to fully dedicate to my business and my family at the same time.

But I can work towards creating balance. I can schedule, I can manage, I can make my time extremely valuable by using the time I dedicate to work fully, and being fully present with my family when it’s time for them.

What limitations are you fighting for? What are you holding on to?


You can find Jim Kwik’s Kwik Brain Podcast on iTunes or at

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