Seeds: Post Traumatic Growth

The bloom series


The bloom series came to me as a way for me to describe the process that I have been through over the past 5 years. I was in a catastrophic car accident. I shattered my pelvis in 4 places. I had to relearn to walk in a rehabilitation center for two months. After I was released I faced extreme poverty and hardship until everything was settled with the insurance company.

During this time of healing I remember not knowing why I was still here. Why would this happen to me only to leave me broken and directionless?

I remember looking in the mirror one day and saying to myself, “There is a reason why you are still here, we may not know why yet, but there is a reason for all of this”.

I was given a PTSD diagnosis, and I just remembered feeling like, “Ok, I get that, but what’s next? What do we do about this? How do we fix this? How do we move forward?”

The answer came slowly in to view over the next several years. I had my first son Liam a year later and joined Americorps. I loved to cook and I loved children, working as an Americorps member to help feed hungry children over the summer gave me a sense of fulfillment and purpose and eventually turned into a career. But that began to fade as the working environment changed, and the fulfillment I once had, and the needs of my now family of 5 required more financially.

I went through a transformational coaching experience in 2014, it brought up a lot of feelings and struggles, it made it clear once again, that although I thought I had found the answer, I hadn’t. There was more healing to be done, there was more clarity to seek. I found that one of my gifts through this program was coaching. The rest is history.

61% of people who have survived trauma report finding purpose from it. My experience of trauma has changed my identity greatly. I am more empathetic, I am more understanding. I am less quick to judge harshly those that I don’t understand. My capacity for love is deeper and I have better relationships with my friends and family.

Post Traumatic Growth was coined by two professors 30 years ago, Tedeschi and Calhoun. They identified that there were 5 distinct characteristics of those who described their trauma as a positive experience.

  1. Increased inner strength
  2. An openness to new opportunities
  3. Closer and deeper relationships
  4. Enhanced appreciation for life
  5. A stronger sense of spirituality

Re-framing and understanding our hardships in our life is critical for blooming again. To reaching out of the darkness and finding what makes us grow and keep reaching. If you are suffering with hardship right now, if you have lost direction because of a diagnosis, an accident, or another traumatic incident, there is hope for you. This event does not define you. But you can use it to help others. We can go through therapy over and over and over hoping that by digging up the past we can create a new future, but what happens over and over again is that we just end up reliving that emotional past.

As a life coach I believe in moving forward. I believe in stirring up those feelings and dealing with them head on.  I believe in finding purpose and growing.

We are more than what happens to us.

In Service,



One thought on “Seeds: Post Traumatic Growth

  1. Beautiful! We can only see within our perspective, the more we’re willing to grow into our experience, the more perspective we have. And more will be revealed. You articulate this beautifully. Healing and growth are hand in hand. ❤️


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