But first, introductions



Hi, my name is Alissa Taglione and I’m the owner and founder of Vivant Coaching Solutions.

First of all, what in the hell is that name about?

bon vivant means “one fond of good living”.

I am a student of the leading edge of thought. I believe as many do, that when we gain control of our brain and our thinking we literally evolve. That by becoming less reactionary, by neutralizing once paralyzing beliefs, we become new.

Humans have literally created almost everything around us. So what is there for us to create? What is driving us deep inside? What are we scared of that drives reactionary and self-limiting behavior?

It’s our thinking. All of it.

You’re going to hate this concept, your ego is going to scream, the story you’ve held on to all your life is going to fight to the death to continue. You are your own obstacle. Your obstacle is your path.

If you are here and are looking into life coaching, or what that information can do for you, go all in.  There is a serious lack of information in this world around managing our emotional lives.

This blog serves as a source of information for you to use and share as you please.

Thank you so much for stopping in to read today and find out more about me and the work that I’m committed to, it’s an honor.


Vivant Coaching


Alissa Taglione

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